Remote Support

Remote Download Application Link – WINDOWS

Remote Download Application Link – MAC

Many computer problems can be fixed using remote support including virus/spyware protection and removal, tune-up, email and router setup, data backup, troubleshooting, etc.

How It Works

By using remote support, I can access your computer over the internet and see on my monitor whatever is on your monitor and use my keyboard and mouse to control your computer as if sitting in front of it. When the session ends I cannot access your computer until you start a new session.

To start, simply click on either link above in red, either for Windows or Mac, and note where you downloaded the file. Find and click on it to run. The app will provide a User ID and Password. Just send me both to begin. Leave the app running and you’re all set. This application does not run automatically so when you need remote help, click on it to run again.

Communication between our computers is via a secure, encrypted connection so privacy and security are assured.


Upon completion of the session you will be emailed an invoice.  You can pay by either mailing a check or by credit card.  Payments are via a secure, encrypted connection, always.