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Hello and thank you for visiting Reliable PC Help, my name is Joe Scardino. I started Reliable PC Help over 18 years ago to provide one on one computer services to homeowners/families and small businesses. Clients number close to 500 over the years and I have enjoyed almost 100% repeat business and growth through word of mouth referrals.

My business has come to focus on very busy, successful entrepreneurs and families, where they feel comfortable with a secure, professional, reliable service.

When called for, I install freeware programs to save you money, i.e. virus and spyware protection and removal programs. There are also freeware alternatives to Microsoft Office and Word, and programs to keep your system backed up and running efficiently and trouble-free. I do not install programs that you have no right to use, i.e. programs bought by others and copied for your use, nor pirated software, because doing so is illegal and puts you at risk. Prompt service, reasonable rates, honesty and reliability are principles I live by. I work quickly and efficiently and take good care of my clients. Their satisfaction is my measure of success.

Typically, I either will remote into your computer via a secure internet connection, or arrange to visit you onsite at your home or small business. I primarily work with Windows but offer Apple/Mac assistance as well. Payment is by check, or by credit card through Paypal or Square. I email all clients an invoice for their records.

I work by appointment and my fees are average to slightly above average. If you call for an appointment, you will always get me. And if you have any questions about my rates, please let me know. My rate is $80 per hour with a one hour minimum with a $25 one time trip fee.

Thank you for visiting and I hope I can help you in the future. Call or email anytime.

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